Roly Poly

Roly Poly

DSC_76432310 4th Street

Hours: Mon – Sun 10 am – 10 pm


A cop, a construction worker and an Alabama Public Radio personality all walk into a bar? Nope, they all walk into Roly Poly. It’s lunchtime and the people who are coming in are greeted by name with a handshake by owner John Long.  Long has been a part of Roly Poly from the very start. “When I was in college, my job was working with a construction crew. We actually did the build out for this spot 16 years ago. It was the first structure to go in on this side of Timmerson Square.” After it was completed, he started working for Roly Poly as a delivery driver and eventually bought the store.  Long who graduated from UA in 2000 said he loves being part of the downtown community. He shows his gratitude to his community in many ways.  He stays open till 10 because Long realized that the bartenders were taking breaks at 9pm.  Long allows local artists to grace his walls with their work and the atmosphere in Roly Poly is always pleasant and fun.  Kids eat free on Mondays and there is a student special during the school year.  While Roly Poly delivers their soups, wraps and salads, you can always opt to eat on their large patio or inside.




room for parties-yes