Green Bar

Green Bar

DSC_75222350 4th Street

Hours W-Sat 7pm-2am

Drink Specials Nightly


Nestled next to Willhagen’s Tap Room and Grille is Green Bar. If this were a human family, Willhagens would be the fun loving older brother, while Greenbar would be described as it’s quirky younger sister.  Bill Lloyd who owns both Willhagens and Green Bar, I believe, understands this concept. Named Green Bar, the bar serves only canned beer so they can be recycled and all the beverage napkins and paper towels are all made from recycled paper. The crowd here is a different from the regulars at Willhagens but Llyod understands this and knows that people love to come together in fun and music and that is why these bars work so well side by side. The atmosphere in Green Bar is (edgy) and the music that isn’t being played live is always the bartenders choice, running the gamut from rock n’ roll to country to blues.

The bar itself holds a reputation for attracting top music acts that are touring the country and owner Lloyd appreciates it’s positive reputation as a place to perform.

“New Nashville, Indie, Alternative, country, and some good New Orelans Funk are the sounds that pass through the bar.”   While most nights are free, if you do have to pay a cover, all the music goes to the band.  Lloyd laughs when he says, “if  you pay to see the band, the band get’s the money!”  Lloyd helps cultivate the love for music and his community by hosting an open mic night every Wednesday night starting at 10pm with $2 pints for aspiring acts and the audience.  The bar is the perfect size to get an intimate viewing of your favorite acts.


Rooms for Private Parties-no

Live Music-yes


Pool Tables-no