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Hours M-Sat 5pm-Until

Custom Cocktails


Epiphany is a farm-to-fork eatery that specializes in casual fine dining. At Epiphany, you can expect creative dishes based on culinary techniques that only use the best local ingredients. All vegetables are organic and from Tuscaloosa County, and the different meats used in Epiphany fare are at least sourced from small farms, if not local. Even the coffee and beer is roasted and brewed in Alabama!


Even with such an emphasis on quality techniques and ingredients, the atmosphere at Epiphany is casual. All dishes are served family-style, which encourages sharing all the different delicacies Epiphany has to offer.


Epiphany hosts a happy hour every Monday through Thursday from 5-7 p.m. in the bar and lounge area. Instead of a traditional happy hour with reduced-priced cocktails, Epiphany offers a vast selection of half-priced dishes.


The best deal at Epiphany is the Chef’s Tasting. Guests sit at a counter in front of the exposed cooking station and receive an intimate eating experience with Epiphany’s head chef. At $55, you receive reduced portions of 5-8 dishes, dessert and a peek inside the mind behind the dishes served and history of Epiphany. A chef-selected wine pairing is also offered at $29.


Manager, Ward Bedsole says his favorite thing about downtown Tuscaloosa is the supportive vibe from the restaurant community. “Downtown is one homogeneous organism,” says Bedsole. “All parts have to work together to succeed. We all do so much better when working toward a common goal.”


Specials- Daily

Drive Thru- No

Room for Parites- Yes

Catering- Yes