Effie’s Clothing Boutique

Effie’s Clothing Boutique

404 Queen City Ave.


M-F  10-5:30

Sat   11-4


Effie’s is a clothing tradition here in Tuscaloosa. Started 20 years ago by Kelly Wright, who named the boutique after her grandmother.  The current owner, Terry Davis bought the store from Wright-Hurd in 1997.  “I actually was involved with restaurants for years. Then I had children and I wanted something with more manageable hours,” Davis says.  “I was running a children’s clothing store next door to Effie’s and that is how I came to own it!”  Along with the store came Randall Bobo, Effie’s clothing buyer.  “Randall is the best!,” Says Terry.  “I just stand back and let him do his thing!”  And he does his thing very well.  Randall worked with Parisian’s here in Tuscaloosa as well as Mobile and Birmingham as their lifestyle director before working with Effie’s.

“I love being able to work with our customer’s one on one.  Service is very important.  We have a lot of traditions here in the South and I think it is important for our customers to know we understand the traditions and we are able to help them dress for all occasions.  Randall goes on to say, “I look to see what’s on trend and then translate it into what our customers like to wear.  That way our customer is always in style without looking like they are wearing the latest fad.”  Effie’s boutique offers shoes, Spanx, accessories as well as advice!  “You need a dry cleaner? We can help you with that!” laughs Davis. “We like to think as ourselves as a one stop shop!  Shoes, accessories, Spanx, we are here to help you!  We know that we have lots of girls coming in from out of state that attend the University and who may have a lot of questions about Tuscaloosa and we want to help them acclimate.”

When I ask Davis what is so great about her small business, besides working with Randall, she laughs and says, “My community here in Tuscaloosa.  After the tornado our vendors were sending us clothes to give away to people in need.  You just don’t get that in other places.”